Public Access is Closed to Most County Facilities Due to COVID-19.

In response to Governor Inslee's Stay Home, Stay Healthy order, Thurston County has moved to an essential services model, in effect
through Monday, May 4, 2020. Courts and other elected offices may operate under different hours or restrictions.

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Research a Property
What you can Build or Do on a Property
Find out everything you can about a property, and which County codes and inspections* may apply. For example, does the property have gopher soils, certified water sources, road access? What zone is it in? Are there outstanding tax or regulatory issues? 

1. Look up a property online.
Permitting Map (gophers, zones, & more)  |  Tax Assessor Property Lookup    |  Auditor Property Records  |    Permit Archives   |  
Septic Records    |    List of Possible Inspections (PDF)  |    Checklist – Basic Property Research (PDF)  |  Projects that need an Engineered Drainage Plan 

2. Talk to County staff.  Experienced staff can answer specific questions. Walk-ins welcome.
Building Development Center directions   |  Contact Us   

3. Get an expert report. The County can do environmental review for a fee, or hire your own biologist.
Critical Areas Review  |   Wetlands Inspection   |   Gopher or Other Inspections

*Some County inspections and environmental reporting (like gophers and wetlands) are seasonal.  Example: An application submitted in November that requires gopher inspection (done June-October), will have to wait until June for the gopher inspection.