Thurston County facilities are now open to the public with restrictions, including maintaining physical distancing of at least six feet at all times and, per the Washington State Secretary of Health’s face covering order wearing a cloth face covering or mask. If you come to county facilities, please be prepared for potentially long wait times or lines due to distancing guidelines. We continue to encourage residents to access county services online, by phone, by email, or through the use of drop boxes located outside of county buildings.
The availability of remote services vary by office and department.

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Research a Property
What you can legally build on a property or use it for depends on many factors. Start by checking permit jurisdicton. If it's in unincorporated Thurston County, check its zone. If planning to build, you'll also want to check water sources, gopher soils and more (see checklist). Use the County's online resources to research for free, or hire experts.

Online Property Information for Thurston County
Check Permit Jurisdiction   |  Zone Map   |    Zoning Codes   |   Road Access   |    Water Sources & Wells   |   Gopher & Protected Species |   Septic   |   Basic Property Info  |   Historical Septic Records   |   Flood & Hazard Areas   |   Shores, Streams & Wetlands  |    List of Possible County Inspections (PDF)    |   Projects that need an Engineered Drainage Plan   |    All Thurston County Maps   |   Tax Assessor Property Lookup   |   Auditor Property Records  |   Checklist - Basic Property Research (PDF)   |   Permit Archives 

Expert reports
The County can research a property for you. Fees apply. Private firms also conduct property research.
Critical Areas Report   |   Wetlands Report   |   Gopher Soils &  Other Reports

County staff
Email, leave a voice mail, or visit the permit office (the Building Development Center) in person. Experienced staff may be able to answer your questions. Walk-ins welcome.