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Thurston County, Washington

How to Set up or Cancel Inspections & Get Results By Phone

The Thurston County Building & Construction Site Inspection Line is an automated phone line that is available 24-hours a day. It prompts you as you go, and will let you schedule or cancel inspections, get inspections results, and leave a message for inspectors - all in a single call.

Step 1  What you need before you call 

  • Open or print the complete Phone System Guide (PDF) if you want details about all options.
  • A mobile or touch-tone phone.
  • The permit number for the site you want inspected (It’s on the issued permit).
  • The 3-digit inspection number. Only works for inspections with a 3-digit number. Inspections not on this list can't be scheduled with this system.
  • A pen & paper to write down info.

Step 2  Call (360) 786-5489 

  • The system will ask you questions and give you options.

Step 3  Press the number for the option you want & follow the system prompts

  • 1 to Schedule inspection
    • Only schedule 1 inspection at a time, in the order on Building & Constuction Site Inpsections.
    • System error may occur If you try to set up more than 1 inspection, or if you attempt to set them up out of order.
  • 2 to Cancel
  • 3 to Get Inspection Results
  • 4 to get hours and staff phone directory.
  • 0 to leave a message, or speak to staff if available.