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2019 Summit Lake Sample Map - Updated 4/25/19

2018 Summit Lake Sample Map - Updated 5/17/18

What to Do During an Algae Bloom
  • ​Do not drink the lake water or use the lake water for household use until laboratory tests show the water is safe. Even homes with disinfection and treatment systems will want to take precautions because water treatment systems do not remove or deactivate algae toxin.
  • Avoid contact with water containing algae. Do not swim or water ski.
  • Keep pets and livestock away from areas where algae blooms are present.
  • When fishing, use only catch-and-release of any fish caught during an algae bloom.
  • Do not eat fish that come from the lake during an algae bloom.
  • Avoid areas of scum when boating. 
Purging Household Plumbing - What to Do After a Bloom

​After an algal bloom we recommend that all household plumbing be purged prior to resuming water usage.

  Purging Household Plumbing After A Bloom.pdf

Private Lab Testing Available to Residents
  • ​There are different methodologies for testing non-potable water and drinking water. Ask to be sure the lab is accredited for the test you are looking for. For drinking water samples the method is EPA 545. This method is used for clean tap samples, but is not appropriate for thick blooms. Discuss your particular situation with the lab. Typically the laboratory will supply the correct sample bottle and directions which are likely to include keeping the sample cold and dark during shipping, ship overnight to the lab, and letting the lab know if there is chlorine in the sample.
Summit Lake Community Association

​The Summit Lake Community Association has formed a Water Quality Team to develop water quality related projects and solutions going forward. To stay informed about this team's work, or to get involved, please email the Association at and ask to be put on the Water Quality Team email list.

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