Water Recreation

Water Recreation 

Living in Thurston County provides opportunities to enjoy the many water bodies available to us for swimming, boating, fishing, and beach combing. We are providing information to help you stay safe while enjoying the recreational activities available to you. See Dept of Ecology website links below:

  • Thurston County Annual Report

    What do the signs mean?

    DANGER LAKE CLOSED. There are very high levels of toxins in the lake.  The lake is closed.  Keep out of the lake.  Do not swim, wade, fish, or boat. Do not drink the lake water or use it for dishes, laundry or other household uses.

    WARNING TOXIC ALGAE PRESENT. Algae toxins have been detected above the advisory level in the lake.  The lake is unsafe for people and pets.  Do not swim or water ski, do not drink the lake water, keep children, pets and livestock away from the water.  It Is okay to boat, avoiding areas of scum.  Clean fish well and discard guts – it is safest to catch and release.

    toxic algae warning sign px.jpg

    CAUTION SWIMMING ADVISORY. Algae is present and a sample has been collected to test for toxins.  The toxin level is unknown at this time, so caution is advised..



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