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Protect the health of your family and pets with Common Sense Gardening practices. Learn how to use the least-toxic products for pest and weed control. Chemicals used in your yard and garden can end up in our community’s drinking water, lakes, rivers, streams and Puget Sound.

  • Build healthy soil. Use compost and organic, slow-release fertilizer for healthy soil. Apply mulch to help prevent weeds and conserve water.
  • Plan before you plant. Plant right for your site depending on how much sun, water and attention the plant will need in the desired location. 
  • Practice smart watering. 
    • Water deeply and less frequently. Use soaker hoses or drip irrigation to deliver water right to the plant roots.
    • Water in the mornings or evenings to prevent evaporation. 
    • Check to make sure that automatic irrigation systems are set up for the yard that you currently have. They are often programmed for brand new plantings. As plants mature, they need more water, less often.
  • Prevent problems before they start. Grow Smart, Grow Safe techniques emphasize the prevention of common pests and weeds. When you do have a problem, think twice before using pesticides. To choose the safest products check out the Grow Smart, Grow Safe website.
  • Practice natural lawn care.

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Common Sense Gardening Publications

Common Sense Gardening Guides and Integrated Pest Management Fact Sheets are available at no cost at a garden center near you!  View and download these publications below: 


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