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Changes at Our Water Quality Lab
Effective 12/13/2022

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Hello! The Environmental Health website is transitioning! Some of the pages have already been moved, while others are still being updated and formatted into SharePoint.

Where you see "(link to current website)" this means the page has not migrated yet and when you click on the link you will go back to our "old" pages.
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​Algae Advisories
Animal Bites
Drinking Water
Attention: Changes to the Drinking Water Lab

 - Lab
 - Public Water Systems (link to current website)
Food Safety

​Flooding InformationFees, forms & Permits (link to current website)
2023 Fee Schedule (effective 1-1-23)
Common Fees for Septic and CSA
Garbage Dumping

Hazardous Waste (link to current website)
Integrated Pest Management (link to current website)
Healthy Home Environment
 - Common Sense Gardening
 - Household Hazardous Materials
 - Protect Kids from Toxins
Public Swimming Pools & Spas
School Health and Safety
Publications & Brochures
​Septic Systems -  
 - Property Sales
 - Professional Lists
 - Septic FAQ
 - Workshops & Education
 - Financial Assistance

All Links Below go to Current Website
  Septic System Operation & Maintenance
  Septic Types
  Operational Certificates
  Septic System Professionals
Water Quality - 
Clean Water Program
 - Clean Water
 - Green Cove
 - McLane | Swift
 - Reports
Surface Water Protection
(link to current website)
Shellfish Protection
(Community Planning Website)
Septic Projects & Plans
 - Henderson Watershed Protection Area
 - Nisqually Reach Watershed Protection Area
 -Scatter Creek Aquifer - Septic System Management Project
Septic System Management Plan
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