​The rules and regulations of the Thurston County Board of Health were developed to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the general public. Referred to as the "Sanitary Code," it comes under the jurisdiction of the Public Health and Social Services Department and is regulated and enforced by the Environmental Health Division.


Article I - General Provisions

Correction of violations, administrative hearings, appeals, penalties, and fees; (effective 6-14-2022)

Article II - Food Service

Regulates food establishments, including permits, inspections, food worker cards, and temporary food workers and events; (effective 11-8-2011)

Article III - Drinking Water Supplies

Public Water Supplies - including plans, construction, and maintenance; (effective 1-1-2014)

​Article IV - Sewage Disposal

Sewage disposal - including design, installation, maintenance, and failures; (effective 11-14-2017)

Article V - Solid Waste Handling

Unlawful garbage dumping, waste facility permits, and other solid waste handling; (effective 8-2-2004)

Article VI - Nonpoint Source Pollution

Prevention of pollution entering any water body from land or water-based activities; (effective 1-31-1994)

Article VII - Water Recreation Facilities

Regulations for public swimming pools, spas, etc. including permits, inspections, and operator's certification; (effective 11-1-2005)

Article VIII - Smoking and Vaping

Smoking or vaping in public places and in places of employment; (effective 1-1-21)