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Septic Park - Used for Training Homeowners on How to Inspect their Septic System
Septic Park ~ training site for homeowners learning to inspect their septic system.

​We offer many publications, workshops, and other information for septic system owners. Click on the link to go to our Brochures page and open the Septic System section to see what's available. You may also call 360-867-2626 to request information (Thurston County residents only, please).

​Workshop Information

Become certified to do your own septic system inspections!

Certification Qualifications:

  1. Own property in the Henderson OR Nisqually Reach Watershed Protection Area,
  2. Have one of the following septic system types:
    • Conventional Gravity
    • Pressure Distribution
    • Mound
    • Glendon® Biofilter, and;
  3. Access to a computer to view videos, take test, and submit inspection report online.

Online Videos, Online Exam, and In-Person Field Test Review & Training

When: Instructions are emailed on the 15th day of the month. You must complete the process by the 15th of the following month.

Where:  In-Person Training at Public Health Building, 412 Lilly Road NE
(near St. Peter's Hospital)

NOTE: The class is outside, please dress accordingly and bring an umbrella.

Attendees will receive:

  • Copy of septic records
  • Class handouts
  • Certification to inspect your septic system
  • $10 off next septic tank pump-out
  • $50 riser rebate(s)

To register or if you want to check if you are qualified, call Raymona at 360-867-2585.

Each September our Public Health Educators hold several classes throughout Thurston County on the basics of Living On a Septic System.

Please check back with us to see when the next class will be held.

In the meantime here is a link to our Publications and Brochures, under septic systems you will find information on caring for your type of system and other information.



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