Landowner Easements & Incentives

Landowners with HCP-covered species on their property, mapped prairie soils, or properties mapped as habitat for HCP-covered species could earn income by dedicating or selling land for conservation, or tax breaks by participating in other County incentive programs. 

Learn more about the County's land conservation incentive programs, or contact the HCP program manager to see if your property qualifies. 

HCP-Covered Species in Thurston County

  • Mazama pocket gopher subspecies
  • Oregon spotted frog
  • Oregon vesper sparrow
  • Taylors checkerspot butterfly

Willing Sellers Process
If you own gopher property or prairie habitat, you could get paid to dedicate it to conservation. The process is outlined below. CPED in the table below stands for the County's Community Planning & Economic Development department.​

Land Acquisition Process.png