HCP Purchase of Habitat Land or Development Rights

Thurston County government is seeking willing sellers with HCP-species habitat land in an HCP service area (see map below). The land will be used for HCP-species habitat conservation. 

  • 10 - 50+ acres preferred, depending upon species. If you’re next to a preserve, any acreage is okay. If you’re unsure whether or not you’re next to a preserve, please contact us. We’ll check. County to confirm habitat. 
  • Timing Purchase decisions are being made with willing sellers. The County is motivated, and moving as quickly as possible. 
  • Purchase Price Per state law, county purchase price is based on appraised value, and the County pays the costs of the sale. The law safeguards sellers from receiving less than the fair market value for property, and also requires the County to stay within fair market range. 
  • Flexibility of land use If you have agricultural land to sell, but would like to continue using it for ag purposes, that may be possible. Let’s talk.

How to Contact Us 

​Check the Map - Do you Have Land for Sale in an HCP Service Area? 

​All information is based on the current HCP draft, and is subject to change. A federal permit has not yet been issued from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Thurston County government. Federal permit issuance may affect the information and processes described.