HCP Documents

Regulations (PDFs)
Proposed Code Changes (updated 8/1/2022)

Environment Impact Statement (PDFs)

HCP Economic Analysis (PDF)

Public Participation (PDF)

Habitat Conservation Plan (PDFs)
Habitat Conservation Plan - submitted to USFWS February 2022 with Appendices

Documents Related to HCP Planning & the Federal ITP Permit (PDFs)
2011 Thurston County Regional Planning Council Profile (statistics, trends, analyses, and comparisons for Thurston County and its individual jurisdictions) 

Endangered Species Act Listings & Petition (PDFs)
2013 USFWS Federal Register Listing for Taylor's checkerspot butterly 

Species & Habitat Science (PDFs)

Important Notice: The reports, memos and documents on this page do not constitute the full body of knowledge and supporting science used to develop the Thurston County Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP), the Environmental Impact Statement for the HCP, or related documents. A fuller list can be found by revewing the references cited in the documents on this page.