Official Docket of Comprehensive Plan Amendments - The List of Proposed Changes

In order to change County plans and regulations, the County's Comprehensive Plan must be amended. Each year, Thurston's Board of County Commissioners review a preliminary list of incoming change requests to decide which will go on the Official Docket for deeper analysis and public review.  Items not completed by the end of the year, may be included on next year's preliminary docket.

2018/2019 Official Docket of Comprehensive Plan Amendments (PDF)    |    How to Propose a Change to the Comprehensive Plan

Learn More About the Proposed Amendments on the 2018/2019 Official Docket

Preliminary Docket materials
Public Notice (PDF)  |  Staff Report 1/3/18 - Docket (PDF)  |  Staff Report 2/21/18 - Public Comments Summary (PDF)  |  Public Comments (PDF)