Comprehensive Plan Amendments – How to Propose a Change

**The information on this page is a general guide. Before filling out any applications, contact the Building Development Center with your project details to verify exactly which applications you'll need to supply. **

What is the Comprehensive Plan amendment process?

The Comprehensive Plan Amendment Process allows individuals, groups, and County departments to propose changes to the Thurston County Comprehensive Plan. The amendment process provides a way to address new considerations and changing conditions.

The Thurston County Comprehensive Plan sets the direction for accommodating and directing growth and development in the unincorporated portions of the county. The county’s zoning and development regulations are based on the policies set forth in the Comprehensive Plan.


Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan are typically considered on an annual basis. However, at this time, the Board of County Commissioners has suspended the consideration of new applications until the county has completed the major update to the Comprehensive Plan that is currently in progress. 

Anyone may propose an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan, by filling out an application and paying an application fee. All proposed amendments are placed on a list called a Preliminary Docket. The Board of County Commissioners choose which proposals go on the Official Docket. Proposals that are placed on the Official Docket will receive thorough review by staff and the Planning Commission

Amendment applications are due by 5:00 p.m., November 15, 2019 in order to be considered for the 2020 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Docket.

There is a separate process for proposing changes to the development code


There are three broad steps (each step is its own process) to adopt a Comprehensive Plan Amendment:

  1. Adding the Proposed Amendment to the Docket
  2. Reviewing the Proposed Amendment with the Planning Commission
  3. Reviewing the Proposed Amendment with the Board of County Commissioners

Each step begins after the previous step is completed.

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