Proposed Land Use Amendment for Evergreen State College

Thurston County is considering a proposed land use amendment and associated zoning change for The Evergreen State College. The public will have the opportunity to comment on any associated change throughout the Comprehensive Plan Update process.

NEW: Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing for the Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update (core items)

Includes: Proposed Land Use Amendment, Associated Rezone, and Development Code Amendment for The Evergreen State College

 Tuesday, October 15, 2019, at 5:30 p.m. or soon thereafter

 Thurston County Courthouse, Building 1, Room 280, 2000 Lakeridge Drive, SW, Olympia

The Thurston County Board of County Commissioners (Board) will hold a public hearing to accept public comment on a proposed Comprehensive Plan amendment submitted by The Evergreen State College (applicant). The applicant request is for a site-specific Comprehensive Plan amendment and associated rezoning for The Evergreen State College, which is 1,000± acres generally located at 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW. The request would change the land use zoning designation of the college from Rural Residential/Resource One Unit per Five Acres (RRR 1/5) to an Institutional land use category in the Thurston County Comprehensive Plan.

Public Comments:
 Those wishing to testify should appear and be heard. Testimony will be accepted at the October 15, 2019 hearing.

Written Comments:
 If unable to attend, written or e-mailed comments may be submitted. Comments must be received no later than 4:00 p.m. on October 15, 2019. Maya Teeple, Associate Planner for Thurston County's Community Planning and Economic Development Department at (360) 786-5578 or


Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing Documents:

Currently, The Evergreen State College is designated and zoned as Rural Residential Resource 1/5. A proposed land use amendment and associated rezone is being considered as part of the proposed amendments for the Thurston County Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update. The proposed land use amendment would change the land use designation and associated zone to a new "Major Educational Institution" designation that better reflects the current and on-going use of the property: a public college. At present, the Comprehensive Plan identifies a land use designation for The Evergreen State College, but does not apply this designation to the college, map this designation or have any associated zoning standards. The proposal would make minor changes to the land use designation currently in the Comprehensive Plan, including a new title - Major Educational Institution - and apply this to the college. There are also new proposed zoning standards to implement the Major Educational Institution zone in the Thurston County Code.

The proposed amendment for The Evergreen State College would change;

  • Land use designation,
  • Associated zoning,
  • Development Standards (i.e., setbacks, building height),
  • The County's Future Land Use Map and Zoning Map.

FAQ on the Land Use Plan Amendment for The Evergreen State College

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