Grand Mound & Rochester Subarea Plans

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Grand Mound and Rochester are rural communities in southwest Thurston County. Grand Mound was established as an Urban Growth Area (UGA) in 1995 as a means to curb urban sprawl. Development is concentrated within the UGA, while areas outside are reserved for rural use. In 1996, separate development and zoning plans were adopted as Subarea Plans to address the unique needs of each community. These Subarea Plans are being updated now as part of the County's Comprehensive Plan Update process to ensure the visions and goals meet the current community's objectives. 

Rochester Subarea Plan Update

Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the Rochester Subarea Plan update on January 8, 2020 at 7 PM at the Thurston County Courthouse.

 Rochester Subarea Plan Update draft 01.08.2020.pdf (DRAFT)

Grand Mound Urban Growth Area Subarea Plan Update

The Grand Mound Subarea Plan update is currently in progress. 

Click here for more information on the Grand Mound Transportation Study.

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Grand Mound Resources

Comment on Grand Mound Traffic & Roads  |   Grand Mound Survey (Mar 2018)  |  Map of the Area (PDF)  |  Map of the Zoning (PDF)  |  Transportation Study by Thurston County Public Works  |  1996 Plan (PDF)  |  1998 Development Guidelines (PDF)  |  2009 Development Plan & Outreach by Chehalis Tribes  (PDF)  |  2012 Water System Plan by Thurston County Public Works

Rochester Resources
1996 Rochster Plan (PDF)   |   2017-2019 Main Street Rochester Study by Thurston Regional Planning Council   |   Stormwater Projects by Thurston County Stormwater Utility