Olympia, Tumwater, & Lacey Joint Plans

Joint Plans are how the County government prepares for population increase in the Urban Growth Areas (UGA) of cities and towns within Thurston County. Plans establish a vision, set policies for the UGAs and, once adopted, make the land-use process more predictable for citizens, and more seamless for the cities when annexation occurs.

The Joint Planning Process

Joint Plans are developed in collaboration with community members, the cities, and the county government. The process includes multiple opportunities for community input. Plans are separate documents within the Thurston County Comprehensive Plan, and also in Olympia, Tumwater, and Lacey Comprehensive Plans. They are reviewed by the City Planning Commission, the Thurston County Planning Commission, the City Council, and the Board of County Commissioners. The final adoption comes from Thurston's Board of County Commissioners, which adopts Joint Plans as part of the Thurston County Comprehensive Plan. 



‚ÄčOlympia Joint Plan

The Olympia Joint Plan has been under review throughout 2022. It is largely based on the Olympia Comprehensive Plan. The update includes new calculations for population, housing and land inventory, as well as new goals and polices. The Joint Plan includes one land use amendment or a code text amendment proposal at the Glenmore Village subdivision.

A storymap has been created for the Olympia Joint Plan update. It contains a summary of the Olympia Joint Plan with links to the Joint Plan, as well as an interactive map and plenty of opportunities to provide comments. It also has a link to the Glenmore Village storymap.

As part of this update, staff is making some corrections to the  zoning map database. There are seven areas in the Olympia UGA where the zoning boundaries are not in alignment. The maps depicting the necessary corrections are shown in Attachment C below.

Projected timeline of the Olympia Joint Plan update:

  • October/November 2022 - Planning Commission Work Sessions

  • November 30, 2022 - Planning Commission Public Hearing

  • January 25, 2023-Planning Commission work sessions

  • Early 2023 - Planning Commissiion Recommendation to Board of Commissioners


‚ÄčLacey Joint Plan

Review of this plan is scheduled to begin later this year.

Tumwater Joint Plan

On November 30, 2021, the Board of County Commissioners voted 2-1 to repeal and replace the Tumwater Joint Plan, which is an element of the Thurston County Comprehensive Plan. The Tumwater Joint Plan was first adopted in 1995 with a minor update in 2009. 

The Joint Plan update included five (5) land use zoning amendments and an amendment to the Airport Hazard Overlay. 

Final Action Documents:

Final Adopted Joint Plan: