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Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing

Public Comments (Received to Date):

Public Comments for the continuing items (PDF) of the comprehensive plan update.

This is a large file. If you have issues opening this file, please contact Maya Teeple.
If you submitted a comment on the core items of the Comprehensive Plan and do not see your comment included, please contact staff.

What items are considered as part of this Public Hearing?

The 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update (continuing items of CPA-1) includes proposed amendments to Chapters 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 11, appendices C and D, and maps L-1 Future Land Use, N-1 Designated Long-Term Agriculture and Forestry, and N-2 Designated Mineral Lands.

  • Mineral Lands Chapter 3, Code Updates, and Map N-2 Designated Mineral Lands
  • Long-Term Forestry Review & Update, and associated changes to Map N-1 Designated Long Term Agriculture and Forestry, and Map L-1 Future Land Use
  • Parks Level of Service
  • Chapter 11 - Health
  • Appendices C and D, Title Page, Table of Contents


Comprehensive Chapter Drafts

Thurston County staff update the Comprehensive Plan Chapters with input from the community, stakeholders, planning commission, and elected officials. As such, several drafts are created throughout the Comprehensive Plan Update process. The most current drafts of the Comprehensive Plan Chapters are available now!


I want to submit a comment or have a question

If you have questions regarding the Thurston County Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update or would like to submit a written comment, please contact Maya Teeple by phone at (360) 786-5578, or you may e-mail her at: