Comprehensive Plan Update - Iterative Drafts

The County's Comprehensive Plan is being updated to comply with new state laws, and to accommodate population growth through the year 2040. The process for this update is a cycle of drafting the chapters, receiving input from the community, and updating the chapters.

The table below displays the history of draft versions for the Comprehensive Plan chapters. The most current drafts are located on the Comprehensive Plan Update page.


First Public Draft
Planning Commission
Hearing Draft
Planning Commission
Recommendation Draft
Board of County Commissioners
Hearing Draft

This column of documents are the first public versions released.

This column of documents are the PC Public Hearing versions being considered at the 7-10-2019 hearing.

​This column of documents are the PC Recommendation versions, recommended on August 7, 2019. These versions include recommendations of the Planning Commission based on public comment received from the hearing and PC work sessions.

These are the recommendations forwarded to the BoCC, and then become the basis for the BoCC Working Draft.

This column of documents will be the Board Hearing versions, release TBD.
​Cover, Title Page,
and Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Land Use
Chapter 3
Natural Resource Lands
(includes mineral lands)
Chapter 4                         Housing

Draft Chapter 4 - Housing - Clean (PDF)

Draft Chapter 4 - Housing - Redline (PDF)

Chapter 5 Transportation
Chapter 6                   Capital Facilities

Draft Chapter 6 - Capital Facilities Clean (PDF)

Draft Chapter 6 - Capital Facilities Redline (PDF)

Chapter 7            
Draft Chapter 7 - Utilities - Clean (PDF)

Draft Chapter 7 - Utilities - Redline (PDF)


Map U-1: Water & Sewer (PDF)

Chapter 8
Economic Development
Chapter 9
Natural Environment
Chapter 10
Archaeological & Historic Resources
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14