Comprehensive Plan Update

The core Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on November 12, 2019.

A number of continuing items of the Comprehensive Plan Update will resume work in 2020, and draft documents will be posted below. Read the project's Scope of Work.


 You can view all the public comments for the core items of the comprehensive plan periodic update (PDF). This is a large file. If you have issues opening this file, please contact Maya Teeple. If you submitted a comment on the core items of the Comprehensive Plan and do not see your comment included, please contact staff.


Key Comp Plan Issues: Accessory Dwelling Units  |  Mineral Lands 



Nov. 12, 2019 Adopted Versions

​These documents were adopted by the BoCC on Nov. 12, 2019. 

To review previous drafts, please visit the Iterative Drafts webpage.

Cover, Title Page,
and Table of Contents

Cover Page (PDF)

Title Page (PDF)                       

Table of Contents (PDF)         

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF)


Map I-1: Unincorporated Lands (PDF)

Map I-2: Physiography (PDF)

​Chapter 2
Land Use

Chapter 2 - Land Use (PDF)


Map L-1: Future Land Use (PDF)

Map L-3: Military and Noise Impact  Areas (PDF)

​Chapter 3
Natural Resources

Chapter 3 - Natural Resource Lands (PDF)


Map N-1 - Long Term Agriculture and Long Term Forestry (PDF)

Map N-3 - Mineral Resource Inventory (AESI, 2017) (PDF)

No updates made to Map M-43. View the most recent version here.
​Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Housing (PDF)

​Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Transportation (PDF)

Map T-1: Federal Functional Classification (PDF)

Map T-2: County Functional Classification (PDF)

Map T-2a: County Functional Classification Grand Mound (PDF)

Map T-3: Transit Routes (PDF)

Map T-4: Bike and Multi-Use Trails (PDF)

Map T-5: Rails, Airports, and Ports (PDF)

Map T-6: 2015 Traffic (PDF)

Map T-7: 2040 Traffic (PDF)

Map T-8: Freight and Transportation (PDF)

Map T-9: LOS Standard (PDF)

Map T-10: LOS Projections (PDF)

​Chapter 6
Capital Facilities

Chapter 6 - Capital Facilities (PDF)

​Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - Utilities (PDF)

Map U-1: Water & Sewer (PDF)

​Chapter 8
Economic Development

Chapter 8 - Economic Development (PDF)

​Chapter 9
Environment, Recreation & Open Space

Chapter 9 - Environment, Recreation and Open Space (PDF)


Map E-1: Water Resource Inventory Areas (PDF)

Map E-2: Public Lands (PDF)

Map E-3: Open Space (PDF)

​Chapter 10
Archaeological & Historic Resources

Chapter 10 - Archeological & Historic Resources (PDF)


Map H-1: Historic (PDF)

​Chapter 11
No updates made with the 11/12/2019 adoption. View the most recently adopted health chapter (PDF).
​Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - Amendments (PDF)

​Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - Glossary (PDF)

​Chapter 14

Appendix A (PDF)

Appendix B (PDF)

Appendix C (PDF)

Appendix D (PDF)

Appendix E (PDF)

Appendix F (PDF)