Comprehensive Plan Update

​The Board of County Commissioners has scheduled a public hearing to receive public testimony on proposed amendments of the Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update. For more information about the public hearing and to review the submitted public comments to date, click here.
View the major changes (PDF)!

BoCC Public Hearing

Proposed Amendments to the Thurston County Comprehensive Plan as part of the Periodic Update (core items)
Tuesday, October 15, 2019, 5:30 PM or soon thereafter
Building 1, Room 280, 2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW, Olympia WA 98502
Please refer to the BOCC Master Schedule for Official times and dates with the Commissioners

If unable to attend, written comments may be submitted to Maya Teeple by e-mail or mail:

Maya Teeple
Community Planning & Economic Development
Thurston County Courthouse
Building 1, 2nd Floor
2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW,
Olympia WA 98502

The County's Comprehensive Plan is being updated to comply with new state laws, and to accommodate population growth through the year 2040. Read the project's Scope of Work, and find draft project documents in the table below.

Key Comp Plan Issues: Accessory Dwelling Units  |  Evergreen State College Land Use  |  Mineral Lands 


​These documents are the Board of County Commissioner public hearing drafts.

To review previous drafts, please visit the Iterative Drafts webpage.

Cover, Title Page,
and Table of Contents

Cover Page (PDF)

Title Page - Clean (PDF)                       Title Page - Redline (PDF)

Table of Contents - Clean (PDF)          Table of Contents - Redline (PDF)

Chapter 1

Draft Introduction - Clean (PDF)

Draft Introduction - Redline (PDF)

Map I-1: Unincorporated Lands (PDF)

Map I-2: Physiography (PDF)

​Chapter 2
Land Use

Draft Chapter 2 - Land Use - Clean (PDF)

Draft Chapter 2 - Land Use - Redline (PDF)

Map L-1: Future Land Use (PDF)

Map L-3: Military and Noise Impact  Areas (PDF)

Proposed Draft: NEW TCC 20.64 - Major Educational Institution (PDF)

Detailed Map of Proposed Land Use Amendment (PDF)


For more about the proposed land use amendment for Evergreen State College, click here.

​Chapter 3
Natural Resources

Draft Chapter 3 - Natural Resource Lands - Clean (PDF)

Draft Chapter 3 - Natural Resource Lands - Redline (PDF)

Map N-1 - Long Term Agriculture and Long Term Forestry (PDF)

Map N-3 - Mineral Resource Inventory (AESI, 2017) (PDF)

No updates being considered at this time: Map M-43 - Designated Mineral Resource Lands (PDF)

​Chapter 4

Draft Chapter 4 - Housing - Clean (PDF)

Draft Chapter 4 - Housing - Redline (PDF)

​Chapter 5

Draft Chapter 5 - Transportation - Clean (PDF)

Draft Chapter 5 - Transportation - Redline (PDF)

Maps T1-T10: Transportation Maps (PDF)

​Chapter 6
Capital Facilities

​Draft Chapter 6 - Capital Facilities Clean (PDF)

Draft Chapter 6 - Capital Facilities Redline (PDF)

​Chapter 7

​Draft Chapter 7 - Utilities - Clean (PDF)

Draft Chapter 7 - Utilities - Redline (PDF)

Map U-1: Water & Sewer (PDF)

​Chapter 8
Economic Development

Draft Chapter 8 - Economic Development - Clean (PDF)

Draft Chapter 8 - Economic Development - Redline (PDF)

​Chapter 9
Environment, Recreation & Open Space

Chapter 9 - Environment, Recreation and Open Space - Clean​ (PDF)

Chapter 9 - Environment, Recreation and Open Space - Redline (PDF)

Map E-1: Water Resource Inventory Areas (PDF)

Map E-2: Public Lands (PDF)

Map E-3: Open Space (PDF)

​Chapter 10
Archaeological & Historic Resources

Draft Chapter 10 - Archeological & Historic Resources - Clean (PDF)

Draft Chapter 10 - Archeological & Historic Resources - Redline (PDF) 

Map H-1: Historic (PDF)

​Chapter 11
No updates being considered at this time. View the most recently adopted health chapter (PDF).
​Chapter 12

Draft Chapter 12 - Amendments - Clean (PDF)

Draft Chapter 12 - Amendments - Redline (PDF)

​Chapter 13

Draft Chapter 13 - Glossary - Clean (PDF)

Draft Chapter 13 - Glossary - Redline (PDF)

​Chapter 14

Draft Appendices A-F - Clean (PDF)

Draft Appendices A-F - Redline (PDF)

Manufactured Housing

​Review policy and code language to affirm that no changes are needed to ensure manufactured housing is not regulated differently than site-built homes for the purposes of siting.

At this time, no changes are proposed. For more details, read the staff memo to the Planning Commission, or the Board Briefing from 9-4-2019 (p. 10) for more details.