Development Code Docket

The Development Code Docket is a list of proposed changes to County land use and development regulations. The list of requested changes are reviewed by the Board of County Commissioners who move some items from a preliminary docket list to an Official Docket for deeper analysis and public review. Items not completed by the end of the year may be included on next year's preliminary docket. View the Official Development Code Docket for 2020-2021 (PDF).

 Anyone may request a change. Information about how to request a development code change is at the bottom of this page. You can also submit a comment or ask a question.


Officially Docketed Development Code Items

These items, including proposed updates to existing County codes (referenced by Title number) represent the .  
  • A-6 - Shoreline Master Program - CAO and Other Revisions to Ensure Consistency with SMP Update (Title 24, Other Codes)

  • A-8 - Habitat Conservation Plan Implementation Ordinance (Title 17, Title 24)

  • A-13 - Miscellaneous Clerical Errors (All Land Use Codes)

  • A-18 - Update the Agirucltural Activities Critical Areas Ordinance for Consistency with Voluntary Stewardship Program (Title 17, Title 24)

  • A-19 - Wireless Communication Facilities (Titles 20, 21, 22, and 23)

  • A-22 - Boundary Line Adjustment Standards (Title 18)               

  • A-23 - Address Rural Water Availability (All Codes)

  • A-27 - Reasonable Use Exception (Title 24)

  • JP-2 - Tumwater UGA Zoning (Title 22)

  • JP-3 - Lacey UGA Zoning (Title 21)

  • JP-4 - Olympia UGA Zoning (Title 23)

Recently Adopted Amendments


Interim (temporary) Code Regulations

Interim regulations are temporary regulations enacted by the Board based on an urgent need in the Community. The Board may also be considering making interim regulations permanent if they are placed on the Official Docket. 

  • Interim Emergency Housing Ordinance - Thurston's Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) has renewed and amended the interim Emergency Housing Ordinance, which allows organizations and agencies to develop homeless camps on a temporary basis. The most recent interim renewal was adopted May 25, 2021 (Ordinance 16026) and effective June 9, 2020. Temporary regulations must be approved for renewal by the BoCC every six months following a public hearing. See more details about the Interim Emergency Housing Ordinance (last renewed under Ordinance 16026). 


How Docketing Works

Anyone may request a change to the County's land use and development regulations using the process outlined below. All requests are first put on a Preliminary Docket.  Next, the Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) decide which items go onto the Official Docket through the Docketing Process (PDF) (detailed memo on docket process, PDF). The BoCC then forwards the Official Docket to staff and the Planning Commission for analysis, review and public hearings.  After the Planning Commission completes its work, items go back to the BoCC, which decides whether or not to adopt them as regulation. 

How to Request a Change to the Development Code Docket

Applications must be received by Nov. 15, 2021 in order to be considered by the BoCC in early 2022 docketing discussions.

Development Code Amendment Application (PDF) or Fillable Version (PDF)

Fee Schedule (PDF)

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