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Development Code Docket


View the "2020/2021 Preliminary Development Code Docket" (PDF). The preliminary docket includes a brief summary of each proposal.

The Board is scheduled to hold a brief to discuss public comment received on the dockets on April 2, 2020 from 2:30 to 3:30 PM.


Past News:

  • Community Planning briefed the Board on February 6, 2020 about proposed amendments. View the PowerPoint (PDF).

  • A written comment period was held from February 13, 2020 to March 4, 2020.



The development code docket is a list of proposed changes to County land use and development regulations. Anyone may request a change, and all requests are first put on a Preliminary Docket.  Next, the Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) decide which items, if any, will go from the Preliminary Docket to the Official Docket through the Docketing Process (PDF) (detailed memo on docket process, PDF). The BoCC then forwards the Official Docket to staff and the Planning Commission for analysis, review and public hearings.  After the Planning Commission completes its work, items go back to the BoCC, which decides whether or not to adopt them as regulation. 


Past News:

Community Planning briefed the Board on February 6, 2020 about proposed amendments. View the PowerPoint (PDF).

County Development Code Regulations
These County codes (also referred to as Titles, or chapters within a Title) are updated or revised through the Development Code Docket process.  

Proposed Items on the Preliminary Dev Code Docket Worksheet

  • A-5 - Review of Administrative Variance Limits (All Codes)

  • A-7 - Review of Low Impact Development Standards (All Codes)

  • A-9 - Amend the Planned Industrial Park District to Allow Correctional Facilities as a Special Use (Title 20)

  • A-16 - Amend Zoning Ordinances to add a Site Plan Review and Review Vesting (Titles 20, 21, 22, 23)

    • The Planning Commission held a public hearing on Feb. 19, 2020 and produced a recommendation.
      View the proposed amendments (PDF).

  • A-17 - Plat Extensions (adopted Feb. 4, 2020, view the adopting Ordinance #15865) (Title 18)

  • A-6 - Shoreline Master Program Implementation Ordinance (Title 24)

  • A-8 - Habitat Conservation Plan Implementation (Title 17, Title 24)

  • A-13 - Miscellaneous Clerical Errors (All Land Use Codes)

  • A-15 - Change the name of Chapter 20.60 (Title 20)

  • A-18 - Voluntary Stewardship Program (Title 17, Title 24)

  • A-19 - Wireless Communication Facilities (Titles 20, 21, 22, and 23)

  • A-20 - Permitted Childcare Centers (All Zoning Codes)

  • A-21 - Rural Accessory Dwelling Units (Title 20)

  • A-22 - Boundary Line Adjustment Standards (Title 18)               

  • A-23 - Rural Water Availability (All Codes)

  • A-24 - Resource Use Notice (Title 12, 18, and 20)

  • A-25 - Forest Lands Conversion Ordinance (Chapter 17.25)

  • A-26 - Emergency Housing Ordinance

  • A-27 - Reasonable Use Exception

  • JP-2 - Tumwater UGA Zoning (Title 22)

  • JP-3 - Lacey UGA Zoning (Title 21)

  • JP-4 - Olympia UGA Zoning (Title 23)

  • CR-1 - Cascade Resort Request (Chapter 20.54)

  • CR-2 - Review Private Pet Kennel Standards (Title 20)

  • CR-3 - Special Uses-Composting (Chapter 20.54)

  • CR-4 - Off Road Vehicle Restrictions (Titles 20, 21, 22, and 23)

  • CR-5 - Johnson Smokehouse Special Uses (Chapter 20.54)

  • CR-6 - Peace Lutheran Special Use Standards for places of Worship (Title 23)

  • CR-7 - PUD Setbacks from Utility Corridors (Chapter 20.07)


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