Flood Stories from Thurston County

​Thurston County government has a proactive approach to keeping residents safe from flooding - elevating homes, installing infrastructure to quickly drain low-lying areas during heavy rains, and working closely with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Learn more in these flood stories.

FEMA Flood Videos


See more flood risk videos from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

FEMA Audio Recordings

Thurston County's flood reduction efforts are lead by Floodplain Manager, Tim Rubert, who worked closely with the County's former Emergency Coordinator Andrew Kinney, before Andrew's 2019 retirement.  FEMA officials recently sat down with both men to hear and record their flood stories, and find out what the County is doing to keep residents safe from flooding now, and in the future.

Tim Rubert. Audio clip: 1:44 minutes.

Thurston County Floodplain Manager shares his story of the 29 years spent working closely with Thurston County residents as they deal with impacts of flooding.
Click to listen to Tim Rubert

Andrew Kinney. Audio clip: 2:22 minutes.
Thurston County's former Emergency Management Coordinator shares how Thurston County government plans for Mother Nature.
Click to listen to Andrew Kinney

Bob Young. Audio clip: 2:23 minutes.

Rochester, Washington resident Bob Yound shares his story of loss and recovery after a flood.
Click to listen to Bob Young
Don Tapio. Audio clip: 2:50 minutes
Rochester farmer shares his story of farming life after flooding.
Click to listen to Don Tapio

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