Thurston County Flood Plans & Insurance

Thurston County government adopted flood safety plans to protect residents and property from flooding. The County also participates in the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) flood insurance program, which allows County property owners in unincorporated areas to get flood insurance at some of the lowest rates available (PDF) in the U.S. The County doesn't sell flood insurance, but if your property is located within unincorporated Thurston County, you may be eligible for discounts. Talk to your insurance agent.

Flood Plans

Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan (PDF)

Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan (PDF)

The Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (PDF)

Hazard Identification and Vulnerability Analysis (PDF)

Flood Insurance Information

If you have property in unincorporated Thurston County, you may qualify for a discount on flood insurance.  The County doesn't sell flood insurance, but when you talk to your agent, let them know Thurston County is rated a Class 2 in FEMA's National Flood Insurance (NFIP) Community Rating System because the County's flood planning, flood reduction and flood education efforts exceed FEMA's minimum requirements. This rating provides a 40 percent discount on NFIP premiums for property in special flood hazard areas, and 10 percent discount for properties outside those areas in unincorporated parts of Thurston County. The rating was Class 4 until October 2016. Only two other communities in Washington have this rating, Pierce and King counties.

Use our Flood Hazard Area Map to see if your property is in a flood area.

NFIP is available through most insurance carriers. Contact your agent for a quote.

NFIP offers coverage even if you're in a flood plain or have previously filed a claim.

Learn more about NFIP on FEMA's website

Learn more about the Community Rating System in FEMA's fact sheet (PDF)