Conservation Futures Program

Conservation Futures is a land preservation program that allows landowners to sell property or future development rights to a qualified conservation organization such as a land trust, which buys them with funds provided by Thurston County government.  Find current year applicants, and past year awards listed below.

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August 24, 2019 Conservation Futures BOCC Briefing Document

August 24, 2019 Presentation to BOCC


​2019 Applications Received (In alphabetical order. No award decisions have been made yet for 2019.)

​Project Title
​Sponsoring Organization
​Acreage & Project Summary
​Funding Request
​Baird Cove
​Nisqually Land Trust
88 Acres - 4,200 feet of intact estuarine shoreline on Johnson Point Peninsula, 50 acres of salt and freshwater wetlands, 38 acres mature forested uplands.
Deschutes Oxbow
​Capitol Land Trust
​33 Acres - 1,300 feet of mainstem Deschutes River, 1,100 feet of oxbow/off-channel river course. Plus forested wetlands & riparian habitat.
​​Deschutes River Floodplain
​Capitol Land Trust
​163 Acres - 5,700 feet of mainstem Deschutes River, 1,600 feet of Silver Creek. Plus salmon habitat & mounded prairie.
Holm Farm Phase II
​Capitol Land Trust
​76 Acres - 2,437 feet of riparian area on Blooms Ditch, 1,285 on an unnamed side channel. Plus habitat for Oregon spotted frog, Olympic mudminnow, Coho, steelhead, and sea-run cutthroat.
​​Lower Eld Inlet (Fox)
​Capitol Land Trust
55 Acres - 3,250 feet of shoreline on Lower Eld Inlet. Plus wetlands, tidelands & salmon habitat.
​Scatter Creek Addition (Sheatsly/Chandler Property)
​Thurston County government with Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife
​148 Acres - Prairie habitat with prairie/oak/riparian mosaic habitat. Plus habitat for Priority Habitat & Species/Species of Greatest Conservation Need. Includes 0.50 mile of Scatter Creek shoreline.