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Shoreline Code Update - Documents

The proposed revisions to the shoreline code are linked below.  These draft documents are not yet approved by the Board of County Commissioners.​

Planning Commission Review Drafts (These are Adobe PDF documents. Click on a chapter to download it.)

The latest working draft was provided to the Planning Commission on October 21, 2020. Click here to view it.

The previous version of draft SMP chapters that the Planning Commission have reviewed are below.

Draft Chapter 19.100 | Draft Chapter 19.200 | Draft Chapter 19.300Draft Chapter 19.400 | Draft Chapter 19.500Draft Chapter 19.600Draft Chapter 19.700 | Draft Appendix-B-C-D


Supporting Documents Drafts

Archived Drafts

Strike-Through Drafts with Public Input (These are Microsoft Word documents. Click on a chapter to download it.)

Chapter 19.100   |   Chapter 19.200   |   Chapter 19.300   |   Chapter 19.400   |   Chapter 19.500   |   Chapter 19.600   |   Chapter 19.700   |   Appendix B-C-D