Proposed Updates to the Shoreline Codes

‚Äč‚ÄčThurston County government is updating its shoreline building and land-use regulations as required by the state's Department of Ecology. The comment period for this Shoreline Master Program (SMP) update is open. Learn more about the SMP below, and find ways to participate in the update process.

SMP Draft Chapters & Documents 

2021 - The Planning Commission was provided updated draft materials for their August 4, 2021 meeting. View them here.

2020 (PDFs) - Full SMP Draft, Appendices and Maps are currently being reviewed by the Planning Commission. Changes are expected. 

2019 (PDFs)

2018 (PDFs)

SMP Educational Materials

The SMP is a regulatory document, and its chapters are very detailed. The information below may help clarify and explain it more quickly. 


Check out these FAQs we have prepared to explain the proposed updates to the Shoreline Master Program (SMP).

Overview of Proposed Changes (PDF)

Remodeling Expanding and Rebuilding (PDF)

Shoreline Designations (PDF)

What is an SMP (PDF)

Aquaculture (PDF)

Buffers and Setbacks (PDF)

Environment Protection (PDF)


Shoreline Permits (PDF)

Current and proposed buffers 

Check out this graphic we have prepared to show current and proposed SMP buffers by Shoreline Environmental Designation (SED).

Buffers Chart (PDF)

Current and proposed Shoreline Environmental Designations (1990 and 2021 side-by-side maps) 

Check out this graphic we have prepared to show current and proposed SMP Shoreline Environmental Designations (SEDs).

1990 and 2021 SMP SED map side-by-side (Image)