FAQs about the New State Law for Domestic-Use Wells
What if I have a County building permit but haven't drilled my well?
If you submitted your permit application before Thurston County adopted new rules (February 13, 2018), then you do not have to submit the new form or pay the new fee.
Will wells be metered now?
No. The State Legislature did not include any metering requirements for Thurston County in the new law.

You can read more details about the new law (State Bill 6091) on the state's Department of Ecology website.

Why did the State Legislature start regulating water in this way?
In 2016, the state supreme court issued a legal decision about water use in our state. In early 2018, the state legislature followed that up by creating new rules, which Governor Jay Inslee signed into law.

​You can read details of the court ruling (called the Hirst Decision) and the new law from the state legislature on the Washington state Department of Ecology website.