The Five Water Areas of Thurston County
Thurston County has five Water Resource Inventory Areas (also called WRIAs or watersheds). The water use limitations and water management rules for domestic-use wells differ among these areas. Find your water area on our map (PDF).

Rules for Chehalis Watershed (includes WRIA 22 & 23) and Nisqually Watershed (WRIA 11)
  • Domestic-use water limit is annual average of 3,000 gallons/day per connection.
Rules for Deschutes Watershed (WRIA 13) and Kennedy-Goldsborough Watershed (WRIA 14) 
  • Domestic-use water limit is annual average of 950 gallons/day per connection. May be curtailed to 350/day under drought declaration. 
  • Stormwater must be managed on site to the extent practicable. Maximize infiltration, use low impact development techniques.