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Year-Round Permitting & Expert Conservation

The Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) is the County’s response to the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA) listing of several animals in Thurston County. The ESA requires building permit applicants to get federal permits in addition to County permits if their project impacts listed species.  The HCP is how the county government will locally manage HCP-species-related permitting and conservation so local applicants won’t need federal permits. But, the HCP needs federal approval before it can be implemented.

HCP Status Update
The HCP is not yet approved by the federal agency, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, although they did publish publish a Final Environmental Impact Statement which is an important step toward federal approval. The Board of County Commissioners okayed 2022 Gopher Inspections, for what is possibly the last year. To find out what the HCP means for builders and conservation in our community, visit the online HCP Open House.

Road to HCP approval (Click or tap on the timeline to see detail. Dates may change.)

The HCP Covers these projects & species