New Website Coming Soon
Welcome to the new Community Planning website. The content is organized a bit differently. Here are some suggestions to help you find what you're looking for:

  1. Go to the Code Updates gateway page to find links to the code updates managed by the Community Planning Dept.  
  2. Go to the Current Plans gateway page to find links to the plans, programs or studies managed by the Community Planning Dept.
  3. Use the Search feature to search.
  4. Call or email the staff member assigned to the project. Find the list in Contact Us

Reasons for the Change

The County moved most of its web pages to this new platform. You may have already seen other County departments and offices on this new platform. The new site works on most mobile devices, and is supported by the County's new secure servers.

What to expect from the transition
  • Information is organized in a new way, by general categories under main menus.
  • Drop down menus show the department's main projects, programs or topic pages by name.  
  • When you click on a main project, program or topic, you will go to a gateway page where you can find links to related documents and other web pages.
  • We will be adding a Past Projects area to include links to recent past projects (not every past County project will be on that page).
  • If you have difficulty finding something, or if you have questions about or suggestions for the new site,