‚ÄčIf you own waterfront property in unincorporated Thurston County, current shoreline codes are in the 1990 Shoreline Master Program (SMP), which spells out allowable land uses and zoning. The current SMP code was adopted in 1990. An update to the code is now underway, and the public comment period is open. There is currently no deadline for submitting comments. You may submit a comment by clicking here.

 Proposed SMP Schedule Graphic June 2021.pptx

What's new?

Draft changes to the Shoreline Master Program are currently under review by the Planning Commission. This is an iterative process. The Planning Commission is carefully reviewing potential draft changes to the SMP and directing staff to add options, provide clarification where necessary, and ensuring compliance with state requirements.

What's next?

Once the Planning Commission completes its preliminary review of the draft, they will set a public hearing date and publish a public hearing draft of the SMP.

Can I comment?

Public comment is always accepted by the Planning Commission (unless a public hearing has been held). All public comment received is provided to the Planning Commission for their consideration as they deliberate the draft update. Once a public hearing date is set and a public hearing draft is published, the formal public comment period for the public hearing will begin.

When will I be able to get more information?

Once a public hearing draft of the SMP is published, a virtual open house and public outreach campaign will be launched. You will then have several weeks to be able to learn about the update, ask questions of staff, review information, and provide your formal comments on the proposed changes.

Public outreach will include:

  • Notice of the open house and public hearing date published in local newspapers and on County web site
  • Direct postcard mailed to property owners whose shoreline designations are proposed to change
  • Online fact sheets explaining different aspects of the SMP update, such as shoreline setbacks, how existing structures are regulated, permits required, and shoreline environment designations
  • An interactive online map showing how shoreline designations are proposed to change from the 1990 SMP
  • Webmail to our interested parties list (sign up here to receive email notifications)
  • Press release
  • Opportunity for online Q/A with staff
  • Virtual meetings with interest groups upon request

Stay tuned!