If you own waterfront property in unincorporated Thurston County, current shoreline codes are in the 1990 Shoreline Master Program (SMP), which spells out allowable land uses and zoning. The current SMP code was adopted in 1990. An update to the code is now underway, and the public comment period is open. You may submit a comment by clicking here.

 SMP timeline graphic May 2022.jpg

What's new?

May 2022: Draft changes to the Shoreline Master Program are currently under review by the Planning Commission. This is an iterative process. The Planning Commission is carefully reviewing potential draft changes to the SMP and requesting that staff add options, provide clarification where necessary, and ensure compliance with state requirements.

What's next?

The Planning Commission has held a public hearing on the Shoreline Master Program, and will review public comments and prepare its recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners during the next several work sessions. Updated versions of SMP draft materials will be posted on the project resources page as they are available. To view upcoming Planning Commission meetings, visit the Planning Commission's meetings webpage.

Can I comment?

You may submit a comment to staff by clicking here. The public comment record for the Planning Commission has closed. Comments received after October 22, 2021 will become part of the record provided to the Board of County Commissioners.

How can I get more information?

Visit this page to explore and learn about the SMP update.