Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to report in person? Or does calling count?

​Defendants ordered to report to Pretrial Services must report in person for intake. You will find out who your Pretrial Services Specialist will be and discuss your reporting obligations at that time. Monitoring schedule may consist of both in-person and telephonic reporting.

Do I have to provide urine samples for testing?

​If the Court ordered urine analysis testing, Pretrial Services may ask for urine samples. The cost is $12.00 and they are provided at the Thurston County Corrections Facility Work Release building on Ferguson Street. You must have photo identification with you. 

The court ordered an address verification, what next?

​The person who owns the home or is on the rental agreement and can verify the individual in-custody is able to stay at the residence for the duration of the case may call Pretrial Services at 360-754-2946 to provide the address and phone number.

The alleged victim wants to drop the No Contact Order. How does s/he do that?

The Prosecuting Attorney's Office, not the victim, is responsible for filing criminal charges. The alleged victim may contact their office directly at (360) 786-5540 to speak with the Victim Advocate and obtain for further information. 

How do I contact my attorney?

​If you are assigned an attorney through Thurston County Public Defense call their office at (360) 754-4897 and schedule an appointment with your attorney.

How do I quash my warrant?

​If you have a bench warrant that is eligible for the walk-on process, you may turn yourself in on Thursday mornings at 8:30 A.M. at the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office for the walk-on process.  Contact Public Defense or Pretrial Services for additional information.

How do I look up my case, see what I am charged with or find my court dates?

To access the Odyssey portal click here

Am I eligible for Drug Court?

​Please consult your attorney and refer to the Thurston County Drug Court website for eligibility criteria.

Am I eligible for Mental Health Court?

​Please consult your attorney and refer to Thurston County Mental Health Court website.

Am I eligible for Veterans Court?

Please consult your attorney and refer to Thurston County Veterans’ Court website.

Can I visit someone in jail?

​On the right hand side of the Thurston County Corrections Facility webpage you will find links to answer many of your questions about visitation, including a map. You may also call to speak with Corrections staff at 360-709-5900

What time are people released from Thurston County Corrections Facility?

​Individuals are released as the court orders are processed. This typically occurs around 6pm. However, it is recommended to contact Corrections staff directly as there are factors that impact release. The phone number to Thurston County Corrections Facility is 360-709-5900.