Pretrial Services

​Screening Unit

Pretrial Services will make attempts to screen and verify information prior to the Preliminary Hearing for all defendants appearing in Superior Court. The screening and recommendation submitted to the Court will include a risk assessment score, criminal history, summary of attempted collateral contacts to verify residence, employment, supervision compliance (if applicable), and a recommendation regarding pretrial release conditions.


Supervision Unit

The Supervision Unit of Pretrial Services provides both in-person and telephonic services. The Pretrial Officers will work with you to discuss your supervision obligations and scheduled check-ins. You are able to receive automated text message reminders for court dates and supervision appointments. Urine analysis testing may be a part of your supervision, if ordered by the court.


Diversion Unit

The Diversion Unit of Pretrial Services is a voluntary pre and post-charge program focused on connecting eligible defendants/participants with treatment-based alternatives to incarceration. The Diversion Officer will complete a needs assessment, identify the core factors resulting in illegal behavior, connect community resources and programs, and develop a supervision plan for the length of the Diversion Agreement. Upon successful completion of the Diversion Agreement, charges will be dismissed or reduced. Typical lengths of Diversion Agreements are 6-18 months. The goal of the program is to hold participants accountable, ensure restoration to victims, and connect individuals to treatment-based alternatives to incarceration.

Pretrial Diversion Referral Form:

Digital Diversion Referral Form.pdf

Digital Diversion Referral Form.docx

The Pretrial Services Diversion Program receives program referrals and will conduct risk and needs assessments and/or obtain documentation of a diagnosis from a State Certified treatment facility to determine program eligibility. 

Please email referrals to Andre` Clark

When clients have completed the Pretrial Diversion referral screening process, PTS officers have determined the client to be eligible for PTS Diversion, and Attorneys and client are in agreement to move forward; please fill out the the following agreement with the identified court.

Preatrial Supersion Diversion Agreement

(District Court) Pretrial Diversion Agreement -Non-felony.docx

(Superior Court) Pretrial Diversion Agreement.docx