Juvenile Court

In Juvenile Court, the Court handles all cases where a juvenile is accused of committing a criminal offense. Based on reports from law enforcement, the Prosecuting Attorney's Office may file an "Information" accusing the youth of committing an offense. If an information is filed, the juvenile must go to court. In some cases, where it is a low level offense the youth may be sent to "Diversion".

Juvenile Court also handles traffic and civil infractions if the juvenile charged with the infraction is less than 16 years old. Infractions are not offenses.

Contact Juvenile Court

​Juvenile Court Detention Services is located at Family and Juvenile Court.

Juvenile Court Probation Services:

      -  Reception (360) 709-3131, TTY Relay 771

      -  FAX for Court Intake (360) 709-3190

      -  FAX for Probation Counselors (360) 709-3150

Juvenile Court Detention Services:

      -  Reception (360) 709-3131, TTY Relay 771

      -  FAX for Court Intake (360) 709-3108

      -  24-hour phone: (360) 709-3180

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Juvenile?

A juvenile is any individual who is under the chronological age of eighteen years and has not been previously transferred to adult court.

What is a Juvenile Offender?

judge decides what happens to juveniles accused of breaking the law, or whose parents cannot care for them, or whose behavior makes them "at risk" or "in need of services."

Parents and Juvenile Court

The term "parent" as used here means the juvenile's parent, legal guardian, or custodian. Parents are an important part of juvenile court. Studies show that when a parent goes to a diversion meeting or comes to court, the juvenile has a better chance of staying out of trouble in the future.