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LCR 65

     (b) Temporary Restraining Order; Notice; Hearing; Duration.
     (1) Procedure. A party seeking a temporary restraining order (TRO) shall either regularly schedule the matter on the assigned judge’s civil motion calendar or appear on the civil ex parte calendar. Oral argument and testimony outside the pleadings is not heard on the civil ex parte calendar. On the civil ex parte calendar, the judicial officer will assess whether the matter should be heard by the assigned judge on an expedited basis. The matter may be decided based on documents submitted by the moving party immediately on the ex parte calendar if deemed appropriate by the judicial officer, or may be scheduled before the assigned judge at a later time or date. If the TRO is heard on the ex parte calendar, it will not be on the record. Judge’s copies of TROs on the ex parte calendar may not be submitted before the hearing.

[Adopted effective September 1, 2010. Amended effective September 1, 2016; September 1, 2017; September 1, 2018; September 1, 2019.]