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LCR 77

‚Äč     (o) Divisions of the Court, Assignments and Schedules.
     (1) Divisions. The divisions of the court are:
          (A) Criminal Division. The Criminal Division will hear all criminal pretrial proceedings, including but not limited to preliminary appearances, arraignments, omnibus hearings and pretrial conferences, pretrial motions, changes of plea, sentencings, and noncompliance. The Criminal Division will also hear unlawful detainer hearings and trials, writs of habeas corpus in criminal matters, petitions for certificates of rehabilitation, and other matters as assigned.
          (B) Family and Juvenile Court. The Family and Juvenile Court division will hear all matters brought pursuant to RCW Titles 11, 13, and 26, and truancy petitions filed in Superior Court. Other cases may be heard by the Family and Juvenile Court division as set forth in the Local Rule for Family and Juvenile Court Proceedings (LSPR 94.00).
          (C) Trial. The Trial division will hear all civil matters except cases designated as Family & Juvenile Court cases and those special proceedings assigned to a different division by these rules or court order. A judge in this division will hear all matters in the cases assigned to the judge, except for ex parte matters appropriately resolved by another judicial officer or other matters which, in the discretion of the assigned judge, may be resolved otherwise.
          (D) The court retains discretion to reassign matters.
     (2) Retaining Assignment of Case. A judge may, at his or her discretion, retain assignment of a case after being reassigned to a different division.

[Amended effective September 1, 1997; September 1, 2010; September 1, 2011; September 1, 2013; September 1, 2016; September 1, 2017.]