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LGR 28

(b) Delegation of authority to postpone, excuse, or disqualify.

     (1) The Thurston County Superior Court judges delegate to court administration staff the authority to disqualify, postpone, or excuse a potential juror from jury duty for the reasons stated in this local court rule.

(c) Grounds for postponement of service. Court administration staff may postpone jury service as provided in GR 28(c).

(d) Grounds for excusal from service.

     (1) The following are reasons jurors may be granted an excuse from jury duty:
          (A) Verified medical condition if documented by a physician’s statement, and elderly persons who have a medical or physical condition that prevents service as a juror.
          (B) Jury service within the last year as described in RCW 2.36.100(3) (“at least two weeks of jury service within the preceding twelve months.”).
          (C) Sole care provider for dependent family members.
          (D) Undue financial hardship, outlined in writing, when a person is not compensated for jury service by an employer, or self-employed persons who would incur financial hardship.
          (E) Employee who is indispensable, as documented by employer with employee’s knowledge and agreement, but only if they are unable to be assigned to serve on a short jury trial. College students may have their jury service postponed to a time when courses are not being conducted; and
          (F) A showing that excusal from jury service is a public necessity.
     (2) The court may require written documentation to support a request for excusal from jury service. Requests to be excused that are not made before the day of jury service must be referred directly to the judge hearing the case.

[Adopted effective September 1, 2014.]