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LCrR 3.1

     (e)(i) Withdrawal of Lawyer. In cases where an attorney is attempting to withdraw because of ethical issues, a motion must be made and notice given to all involved parties. The court may hold a hearing on the record in open court with all attorneys present and may further hold a hearing on the record in chambers with only the defense attorney and required court personnel present. The record of the latter in camera hearing may be sealed in appropriate cases until after the case has been completed. 
     (ii) Substitution of Lawyer. In cases where a new lawyer wishes to substitute for a current attorney, the substituting attorney must file a motion asking for substitution. A Notice of Appearance or Notice of Substitution and Withdrawal is insufficient to allow substitution once a case has been set for trial. Notice must be given to all other attorneys of record and the client. A hearing shall be set and all parties shall appear. However, if all parties are in agreement and the trial date is not affected, agreed orders may be presented ex parte in accordance with ex parte procedures for criminal cases.
     (f) Services Other Than a Lawyer.
     (2)The Director of Thurston County Public Defense shall authorize the assigned attorney to obtain services provided for under CrR 3.1(f) on behalf of a defendant upon a showing that the services are necessary and that the defendant is financially unable to obtain these services. This authorization shall be obtained prior to the procurement of the necessary services.

[Effective October 1, 1982. Amended effective December 19, 1988; May 1, 1990; September 1, 2007; September 1, 2017; September 1, 2019.]