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LCrR 3.2

‚Äč     (p) Pretrial Services Report. A defendant arrested on a felony charge who is not released before the defendant's preliminary appearance in court shall be interviewed by a representative of the Thurston County Pretrial Services Department before the defendant's preliminary appearance. A report shall be filed and provided to the prosecuting attorney's office, the Presiding Judge, and to the Thurston County Public Defense for the court-appointed attorney or any retained attorney.

     (q) Approving Bail.

Bail bondsmen, who have justified their qualifications to the Superior Court in the manner set forth hereafter, shall be deemed approved to provide bail bonds to defendants in criminal cases in an amount not exceeding the limits prescribed in the order of justification. The justification of a bail bondsman shall continue to exist until revoked, provided, that the court shall no less frequently than once a year review the qualifications of any justified bail bondsman. Upon failure of a bondsman to pay into the court, within ten days, the amount of any bond forfeited by order of the court, the justification of said bail bondsman shall be immediately revoked. The sum so deposited shall be held in the registry of the court for 60 days and should the person for whose appearance the bond was given be produced within said period, the judge may vacate the order and judgment forfeiting the bond on such terms as may be just and equitable. Anyone seeking to provide bond for a defendant in any case where the bondsman has not previously justified qualification, the bond must be submitted to and approved by the Presiding Judge or the judge's designee. In order to obtain prior justification and approval of the court to provide bonds as an individual surety the following requirements shall be met:

     (1) Provide the court verifiable documentary evidence of qualification, including but not limited to a current financial statement.
     (2) Provide a current list of all bonds on which the bondsman is obligated in any court of this state, including on the list the name of the court and defendant and the amount of the bond.

     In the case of individuals seeking prior justification to write bail bonds on behalf of a corporate surety, the applicant must provide the court with the following:

     (1) A certified copy of a power of attorney showing authorization of the applicant to act for the corporate surety.
     (2) A letter from the Insurance Commissioner of Washington State indicating that the corporate surety is authorized to do business in this state.

The Presiding Judge or his or her designee, may approve and justify any bail bondsman upon receipt of the above information. The court shall provide notice by January 31 of each year to the Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney, the Thurston County Public Defense, the Thurston County Sheriff, and the Chiefs of Police of any incorporated cities within the county of the bail bondsman previously qualified and the extent of their authority to write bonds. Further, the court shall notify these agencies promptly after there is a major change in the list of qualified bail bondsmen, such as a disqualification or newly justified bail bondsman. In the event of disqualification, the bail bondsman shall be promptly notified and may seek a hearing before the judge or judges of the court on the issues of qualification.

     (r) Posting of Justified Bondsmen in Jail. The Sheriff of Thurston County is required to post in a conspicuous location in the jail booking area, the names and telephone numbers of all justified bondsmen.

[Effective April 4, 1983. Amended effective May 1, 1990; February 1, 1994; September 1, 2002; January 26, 2011; September 1, 2011; September 1, 2013; September 1, 2017.]