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LCrR 3.3

     (i) Trial Confirmation Hearings
     (1) A hearing shall be held approximately ten days before trial. At the hearing, the parties shall provide the expected length of trial, any potential scheduling issues, readiness for trial, and any other relevant information that the trial judge needs.

     (2) Suppression and evidentiary hearings, including CrR 3.5 and CrR 3.6 issues, shall be scheduled on a regularly-scheduled criminal motion calendar. Every CrR 3.5 or CrR 3.6 hearing shall be confirmed by email before noon, four court days before the hearing. If the hearing will not take place, the party who scheduled the hearing must promptly file a notice to strike or continue the hearing with the Clerk’s Office and email a copy of the notice to court administration. Any hearing that is not timely confirmed shall be stricken by court administration.

[Adopted effective October 1, 1982. Amended effective May 1, 1990; January 11, 1993; September 1, 2007; September 1, 2016; September 1, 2017; September 1, 2019.]