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GAL REPORT REVIEW HEARING – TITLE 26 [Updated Rule, January 1, 2021]

     (a) Scheduling Review Hearings. When a Guardian ad Litem is appointed, an Order shall be entered setting a court hearing to review the Guardian ad Litem report.

     (b) Continuances. In the event the GAL report is not completed on the date of the review hearing, the hearing may be continued for up to two weeks by agreement of the parties. Any request for a longer delay shall be presented on the record to the judicial officer at the scheduled hearing.

     (c) Review Hearing. A GAL Report Review hearing will not be stricken without a court appearance unless a parenting plan has been agreed upon and entered. In the event there is no appearance at the hearing and no new parenting plan has been filed, the matter shall be continued for up to two weeks for follow up by Court Administration.

     (d) Confirmation. No confirmation is required for GAL Fee Review hearings. The hearing may only be stricken once there is confirmation of payment of the retainer.

[Effective September 1, 2009.  Amended as emergency rule January 1, 2021.]