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GUARDIAN AD LITEM REGISTRIES [Updated Rule, January 1, 2021]

     (a) Maintenance of Registry. The Family and Juvenile Court shall maintain and administer guardian ad litem (GAL) registries for actions (1) regarding minors under Title 26 RCW and Title 11 and (2) regarding adults under Title 11 RCW. Both registries shall be managed by the GAL Coordinator at Family and Juvenile Court.

     (b) Maintenance of Guardian ad Litem Files. The Family and Juvenile Court shall maintain a file for each GAL listed on a current registry. The GAL's application form, writing sample, resume or curriculum vitae, and other records pertaining to the GAL shall be maintained in his or her file. These documents shall be available for public inspection.

     (c) Guardian ad Litem Registry Committee. The Guardian ad Litem Registry Committee shall consist of the Family Court Program Manager and two other individuals designated by the Chief Judge at Family and Juvenile Court. The Chief Judge shall have discretion to appoint two separate Registry Committees for actions involving custody of minors pursuant to Title 26 and Title 11 and for actions involving guardianships or conservatorship pursuant to Title 11. The Registry Committee shall be responsible for approving any applicant's request to be placed on the GAL Registries, shall ensure that an interview with GAL applicants is conducted and shall conduct an annual review of each GAL as set forth below in LGALR 11(b).

[Adopted effective September 1, 2007; amended effective September 1, 2010; September 1, 2017. Amended as emergency rule January 1, 2021.]