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     ​(a) Case Evaluations. When a guardian ad litem (GAL) is discharged from a case, every attorney and self-represented party and judicial officer involved in the case is encouraged to submit an evaluation of the GAL on a form approved by the court. The completed evaluations will be returned to Family Court Administration. The GAL may review and respond to the evaluations in writing. Any responses shall be placed in the GAL’s file. The purpose of these evaluation forms is to assist the court in maintaining a registry of qualified GALs.

     (b) Annual Evaluations. The Registry Committee shall review the complete file of every GAL in February of each year.
     (1) Presenting Issues. The Registry Committee shall determine if there are specific concerns from the evaluations that should be addressed with each GAL and shall issue a written report regarding any specific concerns. If a written report is issued, the GAL will have seven days to respond in writing to the report. The Registry Committee shall then conduct an in-person review with the GAL to discuss the report and appropriate remedial actions, if any, the GAL should take. The Registry Committee may (A) allow the GAL to remain on the registry with no further action; (B) suspend the GAL from the registry, subject to the GAL completing requirements as set forth by the committee; or (C) remove the GAL from the registry. The GAL shall be notified in writing within seven days of the in-person review. In the event the committee recommends removal from the registry, the GAL shall have ten days to appeal the decision in writing to the Chief Judge at Family and Juvenile Court. A written decision on the appeal from the Chief Judge shall be issued within fourteen days of receipt of the appeal.
     (2) No Presenting Issues. If no specific concerns are identified for a GAL, then a written report and in-person review is not required.

[Adopted effective September 1, 2010. Amended effective September 1, 2017.]