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LSPR 94.08

‚Äč     (a) Initial Training. All judicial officers assigned to Family and Juvenile Court for six months or more in a calendar year shall complete training including the subject areas of childhood development, domestic violence, cultural awareness, child abuse and neglect, chemical dependency, and mental illness. The training requirement may be satisfied by training programs attended within 12 months prior to the assignment or within six months after beginning the assignment.

     (b) Continuing Training. Subsequent to initial training, judicial officers assigned to Family and Juvenile Court under paragraph (a) above shall annually attend a minimum of eight hours of continuing education on subjects relevant to families and children in the court.

     (c) Training for Court Commissioners and Pro Tempore Judges. To serve as a court commissioner or pro tem judge at Family and Juvenile Court on a regular or substitute assignment, an attorney shall have completed the Guardian ad Litem training curriculum or its equivalent, except for good cause, and any other training required by the court.

[Effective September 1, 2000; amended effective September 1, 2011.]