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LSPR 94.12

​     (a) Commencement. Parties to a family law action may enter a Collaborative Law Participation Agreement, and upon filing of a Notice of Participation in Collaborative Law by both parties, the action may be removed from case management processes by court order.

     (b) Effect. Upon removal of a family law action from case management processes, the parties to the action may be excused by court order from orientation, settlement conferences, and mediation, for a period of nine months from the date the Petition for Dissolution was filed, or the date the Notice of Participation in Collaborative Law was filed. Entry into a Collaborative Law Participation Agreement shall not excuse completion of the Parenting Seminar required by LSPR 94.06 by parties with children. If the parties return to the case management processes, the parties’ participation in Collaborative Law shall serve to satisfy mediation requirements.

     (c) Termination. Upon completion or termination of the Collaborative Law process, a Notice of Withdrawal from Participation in Collaborative Law shall be filed with the court.

[Adopted effective September 1, 2006.]