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Judge's Copies

Please look at the Court's Emergency Orders on the home page as the requirement for Judge's copies may be suspended.

Click here for information on Judge's copies at Family & Juvenile Court.


Parties shall provide a "judge's copy" to Court Administration of anything they file at the same time the materials/documentation is filed with the Clerk's Office. Judge's copies include materials and documentation filed for Judges and Commissioners.   All Judge's copies should be submitted on white paper. Judge's copies with multiple attachments and exhibits that cannot be secured with a staple must be tabbed and in a binder.  Parties may not submit electronic Judge's copies directly to Judicial Assistant or Court Administration unless the court asks the parties to do so. 

If electronically filing documents, parties may utilize the service of the Clerk's Office for a fee. However delivered, it is a party's responsibility to have Judge's copies delivered timely.  Each Judge's copy of a brief shall be identified as the Judge's copy and shall identify the date, time, and the Judge before whom the matter is scheduled to be heard in substantially the following format in the top left hand corner of the first page.  Every document shall contain all of the following information in the following format in the top left hand corner of the first page.


Please see LCR 10 and LSPR 94.03B(5) for further information on form of pleadings and other papers.