Scheduling Motions - FJC

To schedule a motion before the court you will need to file a Notice of Hearing which can be found at the Clerk's Office here.  To view the court's calendars and available sessions click here.

Any document you want the court to consider needs to filed with the Clerk's office and copies provided to all parties and you must provide a Judge's copy to Court Administration.  For more information on Judge's copies click here.

If you need to request to appear by telephone for a court hearing click here.

Preparing for Court Family Law Motion Filing Information "Pink Sheet"

Any information that you want to provide to the court must be in writing.  Click here for information on filing documents with the court.

How do I notify parties about my court case or hearing? (Service)

​Click here for information about how to notify a party about your hearing.

Motions for Revision

A Motion for Revision is filed when you need a Judge to review a ruling that a Court Commissioner made.  Click here for information on how to file this motion. 

RCW 2.24.050

Motions for Reconsideration

A Motion for Reconsideration is filed when you need a Judge or a Court Commissioner to review their own ruling . Click here for information on how to file this motion.

Civil Rule 59