Scheduling Trials - FJC

A trial is a fact-finding process before a Judge and where the final decisions are made in your case.  There is no jury in a family law trial.  The reason a trial is held is because you and the other party cannot agree on important issues.

Trials are open to the public. 

In Thurston County there are two kinds of trials, Informal and a Traditional Trial.  The parties will need to select what kind of trial they will choose to have by filing a Family Law Trial Selection form.  Click here for more information about the two kinds of trials.

Trial Confirmation

Trial Confirmations are generally held the Thursday before the week of your scheduled trial at 8:30 am.  The court will determine at this time if your trial can go forward as scheduled, and if so you will find out what date and time your trial will start.  For more details on trial confirmations and what you should have prepared for this hearing, click here.

Pre-Trial Conference

The pretrial conference is meeting in court that helps everyone get ready for trial. The judge, parties, and lawyers in the case must attend. The judge will ask questions about the trial. The pretrial conference usually takes less than half an hour, and is scheduled two or three weeks before trial.

For more information on what happens at the pre-trial conference, click here.


​Click here for more detailed information on what to expect at your trial.

Instructions for Self-Represented Parties on Final Orders

After your trial is completed, you will need to present final orders to the court to finalize your case.  These court forms can be purchased at the Clerk's office or you may download them for free at the Washington Courts page found here

Once you have the forms completed, they must be reviewed and approved by an attorney or the Court Facilitator located in the Clerk's Office.  Click here for a list of final orders and more detailed information.