How to Find an Attorney or Legal Assistance

If you don’t have an attorney or are new to the court and are trying to learn what to do, please review the information below.

Family Law (divorce, child support, etc.)

File a case
If you want to file a family law case and you don't have an attorney, the following court programs may be helpful to you:

  • Family Law Facilitator's Office. Contact this office if you don't have an attorney. They can give you the necessary forms and tell you how to file your action with the court.  If you need immediate access to Court Forms, please use this link.
  • Family Law Orientation. If you don't have an attorney, you must attend this class within 30 days after filing your action with the court.

Get Help with Child Support
If you need assistance with a child support action, the following programs may be helpful to you:

  • Washington State Department of Social and Health Services. Contact this office if you need assistance paying or collecting administrative or court-ordered child support.
  • Family Law Support Division – Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney. Contact this office if you need assistance with a paternity action (for people who do not have an affidavit/acknowledgement of paternity) and for help reviewing child support orders if you have received, or are receiving, public assistance.

Learn about the Family Law Process
These written resources may help you understand the divorce process in Washington State.

Other Resources
Finally, if you are looking for legal assistance for a family law matter, the LIST OF RESOURCES below may be helpful to you. 

Northwest Justice Project  CLEAR Hotline 
Low income parties may receive legal advice and referrals by phone.  For more information:
(888) 201-1014 (9:15am – 12:15pm)
(888) 387-7111 - Persons 60 years old and over regardless of income

Thurston County Volunteer Legal Services
TCVLS helps you resolve your own civil legal issue by giving you legal advice at one of their clinics. You leave the clinic with a list of next steps. Sometimes, they have attorneys who are willing to represent you in court. Usually this is for evictions in Thurston County, but occasionally for other types of civil legal issues. For more information:

(360) 705-8194

(844) 211-6916 (toll free)

Washington Law Help
Website with hundreds of free legal education materials, including self-help packets, available for viewing and downloading at:

WSBA Moderate Means Program

The Moderate Means Program is a partnership between the Washington State Bar Association and Washington’s three law schools, connecting people within 200–400% of the Federal Poverty Level to lawyers who offer legal help at reduced fees. For more information:
(855) 741-6930

Dependency (if your child has been removed from your home by the state)
Domestic Violence/Unlawful Harassment/Stalking/Sexual Assault

Domestic Violence Resources 

Community Resources (Green Sheet)

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Landlord-Tenant Problems

​If you are facing eviction, the Housing Justice Project, sponsored by the Thurston County Volunteer Legal Services, may be able to assist you. This program serves low-income landlords and tenants in Thurston County.

Northwest Justice Project                                                                                  CLEAR Hotline 
Low income parties may receive legal advice and referrals by phone. For more information:

(888) 201-1014 (9:15 am – 12:15 pm)
(888) 387-7111 - Persons 60 years old and over regardless of income

Low-Cost Legal Assistance

​The following organizations provide free or reduced-cost legal assistance or may be able to assist you in finding answers to questions about your legal matter.

General Assistance

  • Northwest Justice Project (NJP). Provides free civil (non-criminal) legal services to low-income residents of Thurston County. Interpreters are provided to those who do not speak English or who are hearing impaired. Help is available in the following areas: family law (for domestic violence survivors), housing law, consumer law, education, public benefits, and in some limited circumstances, immigration. Please note that case acceptance is dependent on office priorities, staff availability, and the merit of each case. Services, especially representation by an attorney, may not be available even if all case criteria are met.

(888) 201-1014 (9:15am – 12:15pm)
(888) 387-7111 - Persons 60 years old and over regardless of income

  • Thurston County Volunteer Legal Services (TCVLS) . Promotes access to justice through the coordinated efforts of trained volunteers and community partners. TCVLS strives to enable low-income clients to resolve their civil legal problems by providing legal advice, information, and direct representation in a manner sensitive to individuals and their legal needs.

(360) 705-8194
(844) 211-6916 (toll free)

Self-Help Services

Other Helpful Links and Resources

​Click here to get more information on scheduling court hearings, settlement conference, and trial.

Click here, to see a list of court created brouchures and frequently asked questions.