Our Work in the Community

Each day, the Stormwater Utility staff are out working in our community.

Repairing and adding storm drains to flood-prone neighborhoods and streets.


​Vacuuming debris out of storm drains, and sweeping streets.


​Measuring rainfall amounts and stream, lake and groundwater levels throughout the County.



​Cleaning up vehicle fluid spills at collisions before they flow into storm drains.


​Inspecting residential and commercial storm drains.

​Helping residents locate storm drains, pipes and other stormwater features that may be underground or covered by vegetation overgrowth.


​Educating, encouraging and providing tangible resources and help to students and teachers in our community.


Mapping the stormwater infrastructure. Staff continually update our existing stormwater feature inventory list. Any time a new feature is discovered, or new drainage projects are completed, or new homes and businesses are built, our staff go onsite to map them with Global Positioning Systems (GPS) then create maps with the locations marked.