Projects - Albany Street Stormwater Pond

Albany Street Stormwater Loop


The County has built a stormwater pond in Rochester near US-12/Main Street at 18133 Albany Street SW, to drain a 30-acre area of nearby streets. Construction began September 2019 and was completed January 2020.

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Rainwater will drain from nearby streets into the pond area, which will help clean the water as it gradually soaks into the ground before entering the underground aquifer and eventually the Black River. Over the course of a year, the pond will collect and soak in the same amount of water as a football field flooded 12 stories high! The project includes features asked for by the community, including landscaping, a walking path and crosswalk connecting to the nearby community park area, and amphitheater-style seating. Learn more in the project information sheet (PDF).


Drainage-related work is funded by a $1.1 million grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology. The property cost, and design and construction of community amenities is paid for by $310,000 of County stormwater fees. 

​Project Updates & History


January 2020 - Construction Complete

Construction was completed in January of 2020 providing a new storm pond, amphitheater, and devices to capture and direct the stormwater from local streets to the new pond. New fencing and landscaping were provided in various locations throughout the project area and informational signs will be coming soon! 

This innovative stormwater project doubles as a community space for all to enjoy. Community input resulted in a walking trail, a crosswalk that connects to a nearby community park area and an outdoor amphitheater with seating.


Before the stormwater facility was constructed, rain caused nearby roads to frequently flood. The Albany Street stormwater pond facility reduces roadway flooding by carrying runoff from nearby neighborhoods to the stormwater pond.


Fall 2019 - Construction Begins

Construction began in September and you can already see the amphitheater style seating taking shape!

Crews working on constructing the pond and ampitheater seating area
Close up of seating area next to pond
The main project site is a triangle shaped plot directly across the street from the Rochester Community Park and Garden. 

Aerial view of Albany Street pond area

Fall 2017 - Project Design Begins

Street flooding near Albany St project siteIn 2017, Thurston County government asked members of the Rochester community to identify the location of stormwater flooding and standing water problem areas in their community. Those locations were added to this Rochester stormwater points map, which shows a purple triangle representing where the Albany Street Stormwater Pond will be located.  Community members also provided their preferences about pond designs and features.  

A design incorporating a Mima Mound theme (favored by 51% of survey respondents) was explored, but engineers discovered high maintenance costs for this approach. The County was able to incorporate many of the features desired by the community, such as a natural pond look (favored by 78% of survey respondents), walking path (favored by 75%), and seating on slopes similar to an amphitheater (favored by 22%). 

After reviewing community feedback, and conducting a thorough engineering analysis of the site, a concept for the pond was finalized to include as many desired community amenities as possible.